Artist Statement

My work is based in painting, drawing and mixed media. My art is primarily about our connection to this world and how other worlds exist in place around us, realities that lie beneath the surface of ours, alternative universes that converge here in this world. It is an on-going investigation of what is happening between now and then, here and there.

My art looks to the introspective for answers to questions that may not yet exist. It’s an existential reference to the modern world and our place in it. Behind the great blandness lies a deep complex machine twisting, turning and churning. This process is repeated in my drawing, it is during the execution of my work that these ideas raise to the surface. It is this transformation, this opening of doors that allows me to engage with such questions.

Using subjects like time & transformation, I study the effects of light during the day and night. I am fascinated by segments of our surroundings, lines here and there, a curb stone and the shadow that crosses the street. It is a struggle to harmonise the differences of these environments real or unreal. I aspire to reconcile the complexities of our fabricated surroundings.

My work constantly develops through seeking the unexplored. I am delving into the mist of uncertainty to engage & discover, then disclose and answer to betray our fears and weaknesses. It is only with this journey and through the act of extrapolating sense that I can begin to scratch the surface of these things that intrigue me so much. When I work with a core image, I’m looking to engage with the captured interesting lines, the core image is an aid; it is a mere reminder or a perceived atmosphere. Thus the image developed feels like it is “in transit”. Furthermore the images are reflective forms of organic and man-made structures that provide the building blocks to my surroundings.