Artist Statement

Day a 1-4 San Francisco (29)I aim to explore the complexity of the world around me in all its perspectives, physical and metaphysical. Inquisitive by nature, I capture images reflectively through my perceived environment and the impetus to peer beyond my initial understanding reveals a far more complex organism. The field of tension created by the boundaries hindering our perception ensures nothing is ever just what it seems.

My work is concerned with the fragile fluctuating nature of reality and memory. This implies a constant paradoxical state of concealment and disclosure, unveiling fleeting glimpses of a state of in-between. It is this investigation in presence/absence through absence/presence that leads me to devise ways of unfolding and metamorphosing differing dimensions of understanding with the limited tools at my disposal. I constantly traverse the fine line of masking vs. revelation, reality vs. memory and subsequently figurative vs. abstract.

My art is primarily two dimensional, based in drawing, painting and printmaking. It develops through subjects observed on my way, seen and unseen. The visual world bordering me may seem mundane, however on closer inspection it is disguised, incongruous, layered, tinged and full of complex structures that I want to immerse. These aspects rise to the surface of my work and thus further my process.

The concept of time plays a cardinal role in capturing the visible yet invisible, the in-between. The process of being made also acts as an acknowledgement that the temporal shapes perception and as such defines the experience attached to the subject. Time compels people/ places/ things to fundamentally change and alter; this acts as a reflection and representation of what was, is and will be. I use this circular quality of time to create an outlook on reality through coalescing the image into existence.